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Majestic Realties does not deal in any sort of cash payments nor do we accept any cheques in favour of our salaried employees or Commission agents. Any client who pays cash or a cheque or transfers money in an employee account does this solely on his own responsibility and the management of Majestic realties will not be liable to answer or repay. For any such issues or queries, kindly write to us at : zakki@majesticrealties.com

About Majestic Realties

Majestic Realties

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We at Majestic Realties are known for offering our client with real estate deals of their lifetime Its not just the piece of land you purchase, it is a full- set of your future goals and real living. Majestic takes pride to service you to reach your goal by representing as your pit-stop for completing the land deals without any hesitations.We specialize in selling and marketing of residential properties in and around Pune We carefully analyze and test our properties before buying so that we can give our customer best return for their investment let it be a plot you buy for a second home or for just investment purpose we make sure that you get the best value for money. Majestic Realties is engaged in buying and selling of (LAND) properties. We have been acquiring legitimate properties in and around Pune, which suits the bill for investments. And, having sold more than a million Sq. Ft. of land, which has benefited our customers (investors) min. 2X investment growth in less than 3 years. We are striving to bring in a professional approach to the Real Estate segment by introduction of our transparent business dealings, and make sure our customers are kept away from the Frauds while dealing in any properties we sell. We share every single detail of the properties with our customers while keeping them on top of any legality and thus establishing a long-term business association with our customers.